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NPTE Score Release: When Will You Know Your Results?

NPTE Score Release: When Will You Know Your Results Blog Banner - Typical PT

Key Takeaways


      • NPTE Critical Role: Essential for becoming a licensed physical therapist.

      • Score Release Process: Managed by FSBPT, involves converting raw scores into scaled scores.

      • Release Timing: Scores traditionally released on Wednesdays around 5:00 PM ET, but can vary.

      • Factors Affecting Timing: Volume of candidates, technical issues, and accuracy verification.

      • Accessing Scores: Via FSBPT’s online system, with email notifications sent to candidates.

      • Managing Stress: Important to stay calm and positive while awaiting scores.

      • General Expectation: Be patient, as exact score release time can vary, with anticipation of results by 5:00 PM ET on designated Wednesdays.



    Becoming a licensed physical therapist is an exciting and challenging journey. The National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE) is a crucial milestone. Aspiring physical therapists eagerly await their results. One burning question lingers in their minds: What time of day are NPTE scores released? In this article, we’ll explore the NPTE score release timing. We aim to provide clarity and ease the anticipation for candidates.


    Understanding the NPTE Score Release Process

    Before diving into the specific timing of score releases, it’s essential to understand the general process behind NPTE score reporting. The Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (FSBPT) administers the NPTE and releases scores. Once you’ve completed the exam, your raw score undergoes a thorough analysis. A scaled score is determined based on the difficulty level of the questions you answered.


    Score Release Day

    Historically, NPTE scores are released on Wednesdays. It’s important to note that while the FSBPT aims to release scores by 5:00 PM Eastern Time (ET), the actual timing may vary. The release process occurs in batches. Not all candidates receive their scores simultaneously.


    Factors Affecting Release Time

    Several factors can influence the exact time at which NPTE scores are released. These factors may include the volume of candidates who took the exam on a particular testing date, technical considerations, and the time needed for the FSBPT to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the scores. As a result, candidates are advised to remain patient and check for updates throughout the day.


    Checking Your Scores

    To access your NPTE scores, you need to log in to the FSBPT’s online system. The FSBPT typically sends an email notification to candidates when scores are available. The email prompts candidates to log in and view their results. It’s crucial to keep an eye on both your email inbox and the FSBPT’s official website for any announcements or updates regarding score releases.


    Coping with Anticipation

    Waiting for NPTE scores can be nerve-wracking, but it’s essential to stay calm and manage stress during this period. Engaging in relaxing activities, maintaining a healthy mindset, and avoiding unnecessary speculation can make waiting more positive.



    In conclusion, the specific time of day when NPTE scores are released can vary. Generally, candidates can expect scores by 5:00 PM Eastern Time on designated Wednesdays. Understand the score release process. Be patient during this time. It can help ease the anticipation and contribute to a smoother post-exam experience. Remember, becoming a licensed physical therapist is a significant achievement. Your dedication will soon be rewarded with the news you’ve been waiting for. Best of luck on your NPTE journey!

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