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Books to Study for the NPTE

Key Takeaways 

  • Books for NPTE Study: Choose wisely based on content coverage, alignment with exam objectives, and user feedback.
  • Recommended Books: 
    • “NPTE Review and Study Guide” by O’Sullivan et al.: Comprehensive coverage with practice questions. 
    • “TherapyEd’s NPTE Review & Study Guide” by Giles et al.: Detailed content review with online resources. 
    • “Scorebuilders NPTE Exam Prep” by Scott M. Giles: Structured study plan focusing on core concepts.
  • Use online practice exams, flashcards, and study guides for supplementing preparation.
  • Create a consistent schedule and utilize active learning techniques.
  • Right study materials are crucial for NPTE success. Follow recommendations to enhance preparation and increase chances of success.
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Preparing for the National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE) is a crucial step for aspiring physical therapists. Choosing the right study materials, especially books, can significantly impact exam success. This article aims to guide NPTE candidates on selecting the best books for their preparation.

Understanding the NPTE

The NPTE assesses a candidate’s knowledge and skills in physical therapy. It consists of multiple-choice questions covering various topics related to the field. Understanding the exam format and content is essential for effective preparation.

Criteria for Selecting Study Books

When choosing NPTE study books, consider factors like content coverage, alignment with exam objectives, author expertise, and user feedback. Opt for books that provide comprehensive coverage of key concepts tested on the NPTE.

Recommended Books for NPTE Preparation

      1. NPTE Review and Study Guide” by O’Sullivan et al.

        • Comprehensive coverage of NPTE topics

        • Practice questions and explanations for self-assessment

          1. “TherapyEd’s NPTE Review & Study Guide” by Giles et al.

            • Detailed content review with illustrations and diagrams

            • Online resources for additional practice

              1. “Scorebuilders NPTE Exam Prep” by Scott M. Giles

                • Structured study plan with practice exams

                • Focus on core concepts and test-taking strategies

              Additional Study Resources

              In addition to books, consider using online practice exams, flashcards, and study guides to supplement your NPTE preparation. These resources offer interactive learning experiences and help reinforce key concepts.

              Tips for Effective Study

                  • Create a study schedule and stick to it consistently.

                  • Utilize active learning techniques like summarizing key points and teaching concepts to others.

                  • Join study groups or online forums to discuss challenging topics and share insights with peers.


                Selecting the right books for NPTE preparation is a critical decision that can impact your exam performance. By following the recommendations provided in this article, candidates can enhance their study experience, build confidence, and increase their chances of success on the NPTE. Start your preparation journey today with the best resources at hand!

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